Here Comes 2020

electric bones happy new year

At the risk of sounding like a total cliche jackass, I really am planning to make 2020 my year.

Last year was so crazy hectic that I can’t believe it’s already over. I was definitely caught in a whirlwind of major life changes last year. Now that I’ve kind of gotten settled, I really want to focus of making the ’20s, awesome.

Generally, I don’t really like going out to typical “party” holidays. It always seems like everyone is so stressed out about having plans and having fun and just end up feeling bored or like they’re missing out on something else. Everywhere you go is expensive and packed with people, and it’s amateur hour with people drinking way too much.

This year, instead of going out, I decided to enjoy my new place that I’ve worked so hard for. I bumped some music, lit some candles, and enjoyed some champagne and chocolate instead of going out and gong crazy. It was actually really nice to enjoy a quiet night in with the people (and pets) that I really care about instead of trying to go somewhere crazy just to post it to Instagram or something.

Of course I have some New Years resolutions too:

  1. Eat more vegan whole foods
  2. Pay off my credit card
  3. Start the coverup tattoos on my legs
  4. Finish furnishing my new place