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Tattoo Update: Upper Back Tattoo Completed

upper back tattoo

Now that my upper back tattoo tattoo has been completed, I’m loving showing it off! I’m so excited to have these two badass greek goddesses, Persephone and Artemis, on my back and can’t wait to compete the rest of my back piece!

Tattoo Update: Artemis Outline

artemis tattoo blackwork

For the second session for my back piece, we worked on the outline for my Artemis tattoo. Per usual, Lexy absolutely killed it and blasted through this big outline in just a couple hours.

Tattoo Update: Persephone Outline

persephone tattoo leather doll

I finally pulled the trigger and decided to start a massive back piece. I went through a lot of ideas, but finally settled on some badass Greek mythological women. For my first session, we did the outline of my Persephone tattoo.

What I’m Packing For A Mini Vacation In LA

california packing list

Last weekend was my 24th birthday and I wanted to treat myself to a little mini vacation back to California. I’ll be flying solo for this trip, but I’ll end up being super busy catching up with friends, celebrating my belated birthday, and getting tattooed. For this trip, I’ll be flying with a carry-on, which means I have to be more conscious of what I’m packing.

Tattoo Sleeve Part II

I’ve finally taken the leap into getting a full sleeve (sorry, Mom). While I love tattoos, I’ve always been a little hesitant when it came to having tattoos in places that were regularly visible. I grew up being taught that you can’t get a good job if you have tattoos that people can see. While this may have been very true in the past, tattoos are becoming more and more socially acceptable. Things change with every generation, and as the older and more conservative generations begin to retire or pass their companies down to younger successors, a lot of the old notions about who to hire disappear as well. Many businesses have moved on from a strict 9 – 5 schedule and business suits in favor of more traffic and family-friendly hours and a…

What I Packed For Arizona

My boyfriend and I are heading out to Arizona again! While we went out to the desert during the best weather of the year last time, we're going out during the worst weather this time.

HWY In Echo Park

If you read my post about the Paradise Road Show, you'll know that my last visit to HWY in Echo Park wasn't successful. Since they were at the Paradise Road Show that day, my boyfriend and I ended up heading out to the desert to check out the show and the HWY booth.

Weekend In Phoenix

My boyfriend and I always work like crazy over the holidays, so it never feels like we really get any time off. Finally, we both ended up feeling burned out from work and decided that we both needed a little vacation.

Arizona Trip Packing List

I'm finally going on my first vacation in five years! While it's not a trip to a far away country, a weekend trip still counts as a vacation to me.