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Leather On Leather

black leather electric bones

If there's one item that I own a lot of, it's black leather. Black leather is trending for spring, and that wasn't exactly a hard trend for me to get on board with. While I don't base my wardrobe entirely off of trends, this trend was too easy for me not to follow.

In Suede

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When I first moved from California to Arizona, I rented this cute little historic house from an elderly couple who also lived next door. They had a storage container on the shared property that was filled with all kinds of vintage treasures that they had collected over the years. After living there for over a year, the husband gifted me this amazing vintage suede jacket.

Vinyl Edge

If you're ever trying to make an outfit more edgy, I definitely suggest adding a pair of vinyl pants.

Autumn To Winter

Winter is officially here! Since I don't live where is snows, transitioning from an autumn to winter wardrobe is actually pretty easy. It usually just involves adding more layers.

Styling Winter Neutrals

If you're someone who wants to get the most out of your clothing but you also find yourself getting bored of a neutral color palette, I do have a few tricks.

Sweater Weather

For a very, very brief moment in Arizona, it's sweater weather. It's time to break out the knitwear, leather, and boots. I am in my optimal form.

Shopping Small & Independent This Black Friday

I generally dislike Black Friday since it's so overhyped by every retailer out there. But if you are going to get your holiday shopping done on Black Friday this year, I definitely suggest opting to shop from small and local business instead of big retailers.

Obsessed With Band Tees

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I own a ton of band tees. Shocker. While I've retired a lot of my tees and put them into storage, I do have a lot that I still wear. Even when band tees aren't really "in" anymore they definitely won't be leaving my wardrobe.

Velvet Party Of One

velvet party electric bones

So far, 2020 has sucked, but that doesn't mean our outfits have to. Even though I haven't actually gone out in since March, I couldn't resist breaking out my favorite velvet suit. Plus, who doesn't like some 70s-inspired suiting?

Buying From Vestiaire Collective

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In my search for reliable secondhand luxury sites, I came across Vestiaire Collective. Even though it worked a little differently than The Real Real, the items came authenticated and they had some killer deals so I gave them a try.