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Welcome To The Jungle

electric bones band tee

Just because I've grown up doesn't mean I've grown out of wearing band tees. It just means that I wear them with more than just skinny jeans and Vans now.

Obsessed With Sweaters

electric bones sweaters

Everyone talks about how hot the desert is in the summer, but no one ever talks about how cold it gets in the winter. Sweater weather is upon us and I'm seriously loving it.

Holiday Bronze

electric bones

The holidays are my time to shine and this year I decided to go bronze. Metallics give an edge to any look, and I even played with metallics in my makeup.

Obsessed With Velvet

emerald velvet coat

This is honestly the best time of year to break out the velvet. With the holiday parties and New Years coming up, there are tons of excuses to update your velvet wardrobe.

Amongst The Palms

Fun fact: there's only one native species of palm tree in Arizona, and it's called the California fan palm. I have no idea why it's not called the Arizona fan palm, but I guess that's why I'm not in charge of important things.

Camo In The Desert

Camo has been a really big trend recently, and honestly, I'm here for it when it's not done in a tacky way.