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Summer Jumpsuit

I will definitely pick a jumpsuit over a dress any time. To me, they're just as easy to wear as a dress, but I don't have to worry about crossing my legs when I sit down. Not only does this jumpsuit have a 70s-inspired design, it's also denim, which is easy to clean and wear. In the summer I can wear it as is, and in the fall I can pop a cute white button up underneath it for a bit more coverage.

Black + Nude

Black and nude is probably one of my favorite color combinations. It's clean, it's simple, and you can do whatever you want with it. Mixing a simple black and nude look with some chunky sterling silver jewelry and leather accessories gives a normally sophisticated outfit some edge.

Snake Legs

I may not be a big fan of color, but I do love a good animal print. Combine snake print vegan leather with a super high waist and a flared shape, and there's a 100% chance I will be obsessed. These pants from Gauge81 are literally my favorite pants that I've ever owned.

Like A Rolling Stone

Band tees have been a staple of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. No matter how old I get, I don't really see them disappearing from my closet. I would also like to point out that I only wear band tees from bands that I actually listen to.

Leopard Tie Up

Skinny scarves and loose ties have been synonymous with rock n' roll since the 70s and synonymous with my wardrobe for the past few years.

My Favorite SS21 Trends

ss21 trends

I don't think any of us really knew what to expect from this season. Would it all be super wild and bold, thanks to an entire planet all going stir crazy together? Would it all be super casual loungewear while we continue to hang out in our homes?

Leather On Leather

black leather electric bones

If there's one item that I own a lot of, it's black leather. Black leather is trending for spring, and that wasn't exactly a hard trend for me to get on board with. While I don't base my wardrobe entirely off of trends, this trend was too easy for me not to follow.

In Suede

in suede electric bones

When I first moved from California to Arizona, I rented this cute little historic house from an elderly couple who also lived next door. They had a storage container on the shared property that was filled with all kinds of vintage treasures that they had collected over the years. After living there for over a year, the husband gifted me this amazing vintage suede jacket.

Vinyl Edge

If you're ever trying to make an outfit more edgy, I definitely suggest adding a pair of vinyl pants.