FW23 Trends I Love

Cozy Shearling

There’s nothing like being cozy at home wrapped in a fluffy blanket. But when you have to leave the house, you can still take that cozy feeling with you with some shearling. Shearling coats and jackets are the most obvious choice, but you can find shearling-lined jeans, skirts, and even shearling accessories.

Vivienne Westwood’s Neo Punk

The iconic Vivienne Westwood passed away last December and it seems like the fashion world is still reeling from it. Pay homage to the iconic queen of punk with some Vivienne Westwood pieces. It’s time to grab your tartan trousers, pearl jewelry, and your old Dr. Martens from high school.

Moody Winter Florals

Florals are typically a spring trend, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing them in the winter as well. This season, florals are taking on a more goth or grungy look. Opt for moody florals in dark colors or mix your spring florals with dark accessories for a moody take on a spring favorite.

Barbarella Metallics

Who could forget Barbarella’s iconic silver space suit? Have your own Barbarella moment with some killer metallic looks. Metallics are especially a big hit at holiday and New Years parties, but don’t be afraid to wear them all season long.

Eye-Catching Coats

The pièce de résistance to any fall outfit is a coat. This season, you’ll want to make bold choices for your outerwear. Whether it’s a bold print or bright color, you can make a statement on a grey day.