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Morning Thoughts

Insomnia sucks. My lease ended at my last place so I moved at the beginning of this month. While this place in nice, it was kind of a last-minute move and I’m not really happy about the location. It’s a lot farther from my friends, boyfriend, and the general Downtown LA area than I’d like. I’m basically stuck in the suburbs. I grew up in the track home-infested suburban hell that is southern Orange County and coming back to a suburban area has reminded me of how much I don’t like not being in the city. As much as a last-minute move and insomnia sucks, being up all night until the morning has given me a chance to watch the sunrise. And as much as I’d rather sleep in and return to my normal…

Life Sucks, And Then You Buy

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate Dolls Kill’s packaging. I ordered a nose ring from them and it came in this huge box. I liked the text on the front of it though. I feel like Dolls Kill has the same sens of dry, dark humor as I do.