Room Tour: Office Nook

Thanks to Arizona’s insane COVID-19 numbers, my temporary work-from-home situation has become a little more permanent. I was previously using a dining chair and petite vanity desk as an office space, but that setup sucked after working for 12-14 hours a day.

The first thing I needed was a proper adult-sized desk. I absolutely fell in love with this marble-topped Fullerton Modular Desk. I really wish I could have marble throughout my house, but I can’t afford that so I guess a desk will have to do.

Next, I needed an office chair. Due to space and budget limitations, I couldn’t really get away with getting one of those giant ergonomic office chairs like I had at my office. Instead, I opted for this Flannigan Task Chair which was comfortable and had enough back support for me.

Lastly, I needed some cute decor items. I opted for luxe desk accessories like a faux leather round mousepad, a Franklin Double Old-Fashioned Glass that I use as a pen holder, and a Ring Petrified Ring Coaster for my morning coffee.

I’m eventually going to convert my entire guest room into a home office/lounge with a 70s desert vibe. To give my office nook more of that feel, I hung up some green velvet curtains and snagged a Classic Aerium and Oasis in the Desert from Pistils Nursery. I also hung up my Bite It Scorpion Mirror from White Hot Fire Mirrors. If you’re ever looking for a hand-etched mirror to give your room more of a 70s biker edge, this is your place.

Room Tour: The Balcony

When you live in an apartment or condo without a yard, your balcony becomes a super important outdoor space. While I normally like to invest in higher quality furniture, I knew that my patio was going to take a beating in the Arizona heat. I opted for cheaper outdoor furnishings and desert-friendly plants to make my outdoor space as low-maintenance as possible.

I was really feeling a tiger print outdoor rug for some reason. Maybe it gives the space a more tropical vacation vibe? I got my outdoor bench from Target. I got my side table and palm leaf outdoor pillows from Wayfair. I really love how soft the outdoor pillows are instead of being that scratchy Sunbrella material.

Instead of a coffee table, I have a woven pouf. When I’m by myself, it acts as a nice foot rest. When I have guests over, it acts as more of a coffee table by putting a tray with some acrylic glasses on it. I also found a black rattan chair at Target for some extra seating.

All of my outdoor plants are desert-friendly and were bought from a local shop called Pueblo. I highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in Phoenix. These plants are all super easy to take care of and I’ve had them for years.

In the summer, it’s usually way too hot to sit outside in the daytime. My twinkle lights and lanterns help softly light up the balcony when I’m sitting outside at night.