My Favorite SS21 Trends

ss21 trends

This spring is going to be a really weird one for fashion and we’ll have to see how many of these trends actually end up sticking. COVID has kept people locked inside their houses for over a year now. Since most high fashion runways shows happen a year in advance, SS21 trends were the first to be really affected by COVID.

I don’t think any of us really knew what to expect from SS21 trends. Would they all be super wild and bold, thanks to an entire planet all going stir crazy together? Would they all be super casual while we continue to hang out in our homes?

Well, they actually ended up kind of being a mixture of both comfort and style. Some trends definitely reflected a global restlessness, while others focused on the comfort that we’ve all grown accustomed to.

I’ve picked out a few SS21 trends that I really love and definitely fit in with my style. While I’m not usually super trend-focused when I get dressed, it’s helpful to at least be aware of them and know which ones you like.

Luxe Black Leather

Leather is usually trending in the fall, but this year it’s back for spring too. The black leather is meant to make your outfit feel more luxe, so make sure to pick a high quality leather (or vegan leather).

The trick to wearing black leather in the spring it to either opt for leather versions of spring staples like crop tops, shorts, and mini skirts. Or you can mix the leather with stereotypical spring items like florals, white lace, or nude suede.

I’ve included some real leather as well as vegan leather options for this trend.

Daytime Disco

Let’s face it, we’re all bored off our asses from COVID. This season, put away the oatmeal-colored knitwear and break out your sparkle. I’m a big fan of the 70s so I obviously have no problem embracing this trend. Look for pieces that have sequins, glitter, and metallics. Bonus points for 70s-inspired silhouettes.

For a more wearable version of this trend, stick to one flashy piece and mix it with neutrals to balance out the sparkle. A sequin cami under a black leather jacket or black is always a great option.

Vintage Blue Denim

It’s never really a bad time for blue denim, but this season is embracing more 70s-style and vintage-inspired denim. Looks for vintage washes and light distressing to make the look more authentic.

Sadly, Gen Z has spoken and skinny jeans are officially out. Look for slim, straight, and even bootcut jeans. Cropped jeans with a raw hem are also a good option for warmer weather.

Slip-On Footwear

COVID has definitely made us get used to comfort on a global scale. That love of comfort is continuing into this season in our footwear. Whether you prefer loafers, mules, classic flats, or sandals, there’s definitely some type of slip-on footwear for everyone.

Bustiers As Outerwear

As we slowly start moving into more of the 80s trends that we’ll probably see throughout the 2020s, it looks like underwear as outerwear will be that first trend.

Bustiers worn as tops are going to be the alternative to crop tops this spring. Feel too bare? Pair it with super high-waisted bottoms and a piece of light outwear.

Bold Black And White

Black and white are a classic neutral color combo, but this season we’re seeing the trend go more bold. Prepare to see a lot of black and white statement pieces being worn together, color blocking, and bold black and white prints.

The best part about this trend is that black and white are always neutrals, so even when this trend is over, all of these pieces will still be super versatile on their own.