In Suede

in suede electric bones

When I first moved from California to Arizona, I rented this cute little historic house from an elderly couple who also lived next door. They had a storage container on the shared property that was filled with all kinds of vintage treasures that they had collected over the years. After living there for over a year, the husband gifted me this amazing vintage suede jacket.

This suede jacket is really the star of this outfit. My former landlord gifted it to me after renting for over a year. It’s an original 1970s Pioneer Wear suede jacket in mint condition. He had bought brand new it for his wife on a date and she had only worn it once before it went into storage for decades.

I paired the jacket with a vintage distressed tee featuring 1970s metal band Black Sabbath. The tee is a one-of-a-kind vintage find from Furst Of A Kind. I paired it with a faux leather mini skirt from AllSaints and a pair of pre-loved Candy suede boots from Saint Laurent. Fishnet tights make wearing a mini skirt in winter more comfortable and a black faux leather camera bag from AllSaints holds everything I need.

I’m also wearing the Hellcat X Turquoise ring and The Lovers ring from Etah Love. They were kind enough to gift me the rings with absolutely no strings attached, which I thought was pretty kick ass. They’re both handcrafted in sterling silver and feel super solid. These are definitely going to be my go-to rings for motorcycle shows in the future (whenever that may be).

Photos: Maria Mena