Maximum Black

I could live my entire life in a maxi dress and be happy. I seriously think that maxi dresses are really underrated.

Fresh Start

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed that I've archived all of my old posts. Don't panic; everything's okay.

Copper Rose

If you've ever been to Malibu, you've probably been to the Dunes. Located just off Pacific Coast Highway, you can check out the sand dunes across from the beach just by pulling over and parking at the side of the street.

Living Fast, Dying Last

If you thought my arms were pale, you were definitely not prepared for my legs. Generally, I try to avoid the sun as much as possible, but just being outside for any length of time will give you just the tiniest bit of color.

(Un)Stable Footing

Gloomy June days are the best days to go to the beach in Malibu. While it's still warm, the gloomy skies keep a lot of fair weather Californians, and tourists, away from the beaches.

Heat Magnet

You may recognize this outfit from How To Wear Black In The Summer Without Melting, but I really love this look so I wanted to go over it again as an Outfit post instead of a Styling Tips one. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of black, so wearing all black in the summers is nothing new to me.

How To Wear Black In The Summer Without Melting

Summers can be tough for those of us who love black, but it is actually possible to stick to your style in the warmer months with some clever dressing. Without giving up your all-black edge, you can still stay cool this summer with some simple outfit tricks.

Slithering Summer

Okay so I know this top is not super pink, but it's still very pink for me. I always used to struggle with finding outfits for the spring and summer since everything seems to be neon or pastel, but I think I've finally found the key: mixing "hard" and "soft" pieces together.

Summer Swim Guide

Summer means it's time to break out the swimwear! Whether you're going to the beach or the pool, finding a cool bikini or one-piece can be tough if you're not into soft florals and bright colors.