SS23 Trends I Love

ss23 fashion favorites

70s Style Suiting

Would a list of my favorite upcoming trends be complete without a little 70s inspiration?

Flared pants, velvet blazers, and pussybow blouses are staples in my closet, which is great since 70s style suiting will be trending for this season. You can reuse some of the velvet and corduroy suiting you may have acquired for the winter by pairing it with spring florals or light, whispy blouses.

60s Mod Inspiration

Because fashion trends are cyclical, the 60s are due for some love. Embracing the 60s mod style means a lot of mini skirts, shift dresses, patent leather coats, and tall go go boots. Think: a modern day Twiggy or Edie Sedgewick.

Denim, Denim, Denim

From 70s flares to y2k low rise, there’s denim for every decade. This season, denim everything is on trend. Now is your chance to rock the Canadian tuxedo.

The Bigger, The Better (Bag)

I never really hopped onto the mini/micro bag trend. It seemed stupid to spend money on a bag so small you couldn’t even put your phone in it. The pendulum is now swinging the other way and bigger bags are trending again. If you’re not a tote bag person, a daybag would work well too.

Dark Romance

The dark romance trend is a nice juxtaposition of hard and soft. Pair lace with leather, florals with studs, ballet flats with a motorcycle jacket. It’s an easy way to incorporate winter and spring pieces together in one outfit.