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Cruelty Free Beauty With Kapulet

Meet Kapulet: a cruelty-free beauty club that offers luxury brands at membership pricing. For an annual fee that ends up costing less than $5 a month - that's less than your frappuccino - you can get great name-brand products at a huge discount.

Arizona Trip Packing List

I'm finally going on my first vacation in five years! While it's not a trip to a far away country, a weekend trip still counts as a vacation to me. 

My Nightly Skincare Routine

I've struggled with skin issues ever since I was a teenager. In my earlier teen years, I suffered from constant breakouts all over my face as well as bouts of cystic acne a few times a year.

Birthday Tattoo

I am officially 22 and I got a tattoo as my present! Getting a new tattoo was definitely long overdue since I hadn’t gotten a proper one (other than a tiny random impulse tattoo) in about a year and I had been itching to get one for a long time.