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Friday Finds

Friday Finds leather doll blog

Friday is my third favorite f-word (after fuck and free), and for many of us, it’s also payday! Here are some cute things I found during the week that I wanted to share with you.

Product Review: Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel

murad nutrient-rich water gel review leather doll

Overall Rating: ☾☾☾☾ Disclaimer: I did receive my Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel complimentary from Murad and Influenster. However, all of the opinions in this product review are my own. This review is 100% honest. F*ck selling out. Moving to the desert mean investing in a good moisturizer. Since I’ve always lived near the coast where the humidity is the same all year round, I definitely underestimated how dry the winter is in the desert. I normally have pretty oily skin and have always had to use even the most mattifying moisturizers sparingly. Since I’ve moved to Arizona, my face has been feeling dry, tight, and uncomfortable.

Cruelty Free Beauty With Kapulet

Meet Kapulet: a cruelty-free beauty club that offers luxury brands at membership pricing. For an annual fee that ends up costing less than $5 a month - that's less than your frappuccino - you can get great name-brand products at a huge discount.

Arizona Trip Packing List

I'm finally going on my first vacation in five years! While it's not a trip to a far away country, a weekend trip still counts as a vacation to me. 

My Nightly Skincare Routine

I've struggled with skin issues ever since I was a teenager. In my earlier teen years, I suffered from constant breakouts all over my face as well as bouts of cystic acne a few times a year.

Birthday Tattoo

I am officially 22 and I got a tattoo as my present! Getting a new tattoo was definitely long overdue since I hadn’t gotten a proper one (other than a tiny random impulse tattoo) in about a year and I had been itching to get one for a long time.