Review: Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask

With the stress of everything going on in the world right now, more alcohol than usual, and a comfort food diet, my skin is not doing its best. I’ve been eyeing the Blue Tansy Invisible Pores Resurfacing Clarity Mask from Herbivore for a while now, so I thought it would be the perfect time to test it out.



cruelty free

no synthetics

The Review

Usually when you have oily skin, you’re stuck with clay-based masks. While clay masks work wonders for my skin, it would definitely be nice to use a different type of mask every once in a while. The Blue Tansy Invisible Pores Resurfacing Clarity Mask is the first mask I’ve seen that’s specifically made for oily and acne-prone skin that isn’t a clay mask or a super intense acid.

According to the instructions that came in the box, you’re supposed to use the mask by applying a thin layer, waiting 15-20 minutes, and rinsing off. For best results, they suggest using it for 3-4 days in a row and then 1-2 times a week after that.

First off, let me warn you that this mask has a strong herbal smell. It’s not a bad smell, just a strong one. Even after washing it off I could still smell it on my hands for a while. If you’re super sensitive to smells, I might suggest skipping this mask.

The color of the mask is a gorgeous blue-green. Apparently the color can vary from batch to batch and can even change over time. Herbivore’s website states that a color change is normal and doesn’t reflect the product’s effectiveness. It’s also a very watery gel-like consistency.

When I put the mask on, there was an instant cooling sensation. As it dried, the sensation died down. I never felt any tingling or burning. My skin also never felt tight or dry, unlike with clay masks.

I was able to use the mask for 4 days in a row without any irritation. This is a gentle resurfacing mask, so you’re not going to see your skin peeling off or anything. Overall, my skin does feel way smoother. My pores do look a little smaller, but that also may be due to the fact that the mask is helping to unclog them.

Overall, I gave this mask a 4/5 because I loved the color and texture. It was fairly effecting in shrinking my pores by unclogging them and it left my skin silky smooth. It’s also a very gentle resurfacing mask, so I didn’t end up with any irritation or redness. I would definitely add this mask to my regular skincare routine.

Obsessed With Cruelty Free Skincare

I used to have super bad skin as a teenager. It got to the point where I was going to a dermatologist once a month and getting painful deep peels that caused blisters all over my face. And they didn’t even help with my acne at all.

I currently have the best skin of my life. Honestly, skipping the harsh acne treatments and switching to a gentle plant-based cruelty free skincare routine has made a huge difference.

After removing my makeup, I use the Superfood Cleanser by Youth To The People and a facial brush to cleanse, exfoliate, and unclog my pores. Then I use the Jasmine Green Tea Toner by Herbivore Botanicals, which tones and balances my skin without drying me out and causing my oily skin to overproduce oils. Then, I use the Bakuchiol Serum by Herbivore Botanicals, which is basically a vegan retinol alternative. Lastly, I use the Superfood Air Whipped Moisture Cream by Youth To The People. I love it as a moisturizer because it’s light and doesn’t clog my pores or leave me greasy.

My favorite part of my cruelty free skincare routine is my jade facial roller. After using all my serums and moisturizers, I give myself a super relaxing facial massage. The massage helps push all of my products deep into the skin while also de-puffing, toning, and encouraging lymphatic drainage. After my facial massage, I apply my GradeBrow and GradeLash serums by Grande Cosmetics to try and help my brows and lashes recover from my high school years. Finally, I put on some Agave+ lip balm by Bite Beauty to keep my lips nice and moisturized.