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Tattoo Update: Upper Back Tattoo Completed

Now that my upper back tattoo tattoo has been completed, I’m loving showing it off! I’m so excited to have these two badass greek goddesses, Persephone and Artemis, on my back and can’t wait to compete the rest of my back piece!

Tattoo Progress

Finishing up the shading of my upper back tattoo actually proved to be a challenge. Shading my Persephone tattoo went pretty smoothly, and was finished in just one session. However, we weren’t so lucky with Artemis.

Part of the issue was my fault for wanting to just rush through getting my upper back tattoo done. I was booking as many weekend appointments as my artist had available, wanting to get through my back as quick as possible. The other part of the issue was just not knowing how long my body takes to heal. Normally, I only get tattooed a couple times a year, giving me months in between appointments to heal. I only gave myself one week between the Persephone tattoo and the shading of Artemis. That was just not enough time for my body.

While shading Artemis didn’t hurt any more than usual, my body was not reacting well. While Lexy was tattooing me, my skin was just oozing plasma (sorry for that visual). There was so much plasma coming out of my skin that it was actually pushing the ink back out. After a while, I started to bleed a ton as well.

I’m normally super stubborn when it comes to tattoos, and I’ll sit for hours just to not have a half-finished piece. However, I was loosing so much blood and plasma that Lexy had to call it after just two hours. Lexy had to change my bandages before I even left the shop and I ended up bleeding through the one I wore home. My next appointment was two weeks from then, and I got through it with absolutely no problems.

I guess the moral of that story is to give yourself enough time between tattoos. We tend to think that our tattoos are totally healed just because they stop being sore, but they still have a lot of healing to do beneath the surface. Tattoos go underneath multiple layers of skin, and all those layers need the proper time to heal. You also don’t really realize all the stress your body goes through while getting a tattoo and you need to really give yourself enough time to return to normal before going back under the needle.

About Persephone

While writing this, I realized that I never really went over her mythology when I first got my Persephone tattoo. Persephone is most well-known for being the Greek goddess of spring, daughter of the goddess of the harvest Demeter, and wife to Hades, the Greek god of the Underworld.

There are a few versions of Persephone’s myth. In some stories, she’s kidnapped by Hades, in others she’s given as a gift to Hades by Zeus, and in some others she willingly eats the food of the Underworld and stays there forever.

Regardless of what version of the myth you’re familiar with, Persephone always ends up the wife of Hades. She lives with him in the Underworld for three seasons, and then returns to the mortal realm for one season: spring.

I always thought the marriage between Persephone and Hades was the perfect metaphor for the circle of life. Persephone, representing spring and life, is the partner to Hades, representing the Underworld and death. They are both important and you can’t have one without the other.

Even though Persephone stays in the Underworld for most of the year, she always comes back to the mortal realm to bring spring. And even though there may be some very dark times in life and we may have to deal with death, the light will always come back and new life will always start.

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