Morning Thoughts

Insomnia sucks.
My lease ended at my last place so I moved at the beginning of this month. While this place in nice, it was kind of a last-minute move and I’m not really happy about the location. It’s a lot farther from my friends, boyfriend, and the general Downtown LA area than I’d like. I’m basically stuck in the suburbs. I grew up in the track home-infested suburban hell that is southern Orange County and coming back to a suburban area has reminded me of how much I don’t like not being in the city.

As much as a last-minute move and insomnia sucks, being up all night until the morning has given me a chance to watch the sunrise. And as much as I’d rather sleep in and return to my normal schedule, I have to admit that I do like the early mornings.

There’s something really peaceful about early mornings. The morning rush hour traffic hasn’t started yet so you can still hear birds and the wind blowing through the palm trees. The air is fresh and still cool from the night before. Even with my blinds closed, soft morning light peeks through them, casting soft lights on me bed sheets.

Oddly enough, it’s these early mornings that I used to hate so much that bring me the most peace right now.

Sorry for the rambling, I just felt like having a quick talk.

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