2017: The Year Of Me

Like many others, 2016 wasn’t my year. While I had moved to an amazing area in West Hollywood in 2015, I was forced to move to a far more suburban area away from my friends just 5 months later due to health issues and major clashes between roommates resulting in a lot of exposed scamming and personally losing a lot of money. While I had entered into my first ever relationship with someone who wasn’t toxic in 2015, it dissolved right after my move in 2016. While I had been very happy with myself in 2015, making a living through modeling, my body issues became so overwhelming that I quit in early 2016.

I felt like I lost a part of myself in 2016. I stopped going out with friends. I didn’t even talk to some for months on end. I abandoned my blog for months. I was bored with my clothes, bored with my living situation, bored with my life. While 2016 did end on a slightly higher note than it began on, I still can’t forget how unhappy I was with a lot of it. This is why I’m making 2017 the year of me.

Now that I’ve moved for a second time, to an area that I’d much rather be in, and have been in a healthy, supportive relationship, I’m going to take the time to work on myself and my passions. You may have noticed that I’ve recently revamped the look of my blog to something more simple, modern, and interactive. you have have also noticed that I’ve expanded the content that I’ll be posting. I’m going to be turning Leather Doll into the lifestyle blog that I always wanted it to be, and actually take the time to do that. I’m going to have the wardrobe I’ve always wanted, without fear of what others may think. I’m going to have my living situation the way I want it, not dictated by other roommates who just want a free ride through life. And I’m going to live my life the way that I want to, not the way others tell me I should live it.

2017 is going to be the year where I find myself again, after being so lost for for long in 2016. I thank everyone who has stuck by may side while I try to find myself until now, and I hope to continue into the rest of 2017 with all of you.

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