Oxblood Vinyl

For the first time in almost two years now, I’ve put together an outfit to go out in. Oxblood is one of my favorite fall colors so I couldn’t resist the urge to break out my oxblood vinyl leggings.

My sunglasses are the Lily Sunglasses from Saint Laurent. Even though it’s not summer anymore, you should still be protecting your eyes. My top is actually the Jamie Bodysuit from AllSaints. While it’s a tank top style, it’s made of a thicker ribbed material. My leggings are the Faux Patent Leather Leggings in “Sienna” from Commando. My o-ring belt is the Choker Belt from luxury post-fetish leather brand Zana Bayne. My bag is the Crescent Clutch from Understated Leather. I bought it pre-loved from The RealReal. I’m also wearing some old studded strappy heels. I put on a little bit of my Lunar New Year Lipstick in “Rose Wish” from Charlotte Tilbury. It’s more of a brick red that pairs well with my oxblood leggings.

For jewelry, I’m rocking the Chaos/Order Charm Necklace from Maison Miru and the Parker Bracelet from Gorjana. My ring is a sterling silver and mother of pearl ring that I bought from a Native American artisan when I first moved to Arizona. If you’re looking for high quality silver jewelry, I definitely recommend looking into jewelry made by talented Native American artisans.

Led Steppin’

I was very lucky to have a dad who was very into music growing up. It’s probably why I’ve always been so into music too, especially rock n roll. I’ve pretty much lived in a band tee since high school and I still wear them all the time as an adult. This look features a tee from one of my dad’s favorite bands: Led Zeppelin.

The foundation of this outfit is a good distressed band tee. In this case I’m wearing a vintage Led Zeppelin tee from Furst Of A Kind. They’re based out of LA and they handpick and rework vintage tees. Every band tee I’ve gotten from them has been super soft and distressed in all the right places.

I paired it with a vegan leather skirt from AllSaints, Lily sunglasses from Saint Laurent, the mini Julian backpack from Rebecca Minkoff, and cream croc boots from Schutz.

I’ve also really been into jewelry lately. I guess I’ve always had a pretty large collections of rings, but I usually neglect the other pieces. I can’t really commit to either gold or silver so I’ve been rocking the layered mixed metals look. My pieces include the Surfside Necklace + Parker Bracelet + Power Gemstone Ring from Gorjana, the Engraved Dagger Pendant from The Great Frog, and the Order/Chaos Pill Charm from Maison Miru.

Pre-Fall Jumpsuit

If you want to feel like you’re wearing your pajamas out in public but look chic, this jumpsuit is the perfect piece for you. It’s made of a super slinky fabric that looks cool and feels super soft. Add some cute accessories and you’ve got the perfect look to lounge around all day in.

My jumpsuit is the Clementine Jumpsuit from Rat & Boa. Super soft, slinky, and chic, it’s the perfect jumpsuit to wear all year round.

For my accessories, I added the Ivory Rancher Special hat from Lack Of Colour, the Rectangle 1969 sunglasses from Ray-Ban, and the quilted sueded bag from Staud. My necklace is the Engraved Dagger Pendant from The Great Frog and my shoes are from Dolce Vita.