I’m In The Black Again

  As summer starts heating up the city, I’m still stubbornly wearing all black. I’m usually really cold all of the time, so I guess wearing black and jackets all year round doesn’t really bother me. When I get tired of my standard leather jackets, I usually move to suede or vegan suede.

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Back To Basics

AllSaints has been having a killer sale lately and I’ve been pillaging their stores. I went over to the store at The Promenade in Santa Monica to check out their stuff and take advantage of the sales. Last year, I bought a top from AllSaints about a month after Christmas but it always fit me weird so I wanted to actually go in a try on some tops before ordering any more. I ended up buying everything in-store and saving on shipping. I pretty much kept it to basics. I feel like all of the basics I’ve had over the years were pretty cheap and either didn’t actually fit right or were falling apart after a couple washes. I’ve decided that I’m going to start buying nicer basics so I can get more mileage…

Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars @ Sunnyside Cemetery

Watching movies in a cemetery is definitely my new favorite thing to do during the summer. If you’re in LA, you’ve no doubt heard of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. What was once just a resting place for the Hollywood elite is now a concert venue and summertime gathering spot. While the spot is cool and the movie selection is pretty great, the biggest problem I’ve always had with movies at Hollywood Forever is how crowded it always is. The cemetery opens to the public for event at 1 pm and it’s obvious people camp out there all day. They come with a whole blanket/pillow/beach chair set up and there is yoga going on in the front row. As much as I dig on Hollywood Forever, it’s not somewhere I want to just hang out at for…

Is Heaven Any Sweeter Than Blue Jean?

  I love walking down Broadway, in fact, it’s probably one of my favorite streets in Downtown. The buildings on that street are beautiful. Since it’s part of a historic district, the buildings are old and beautiful. I would love to live on that street eventually, but it’s a little above my current budget. It’s already pretty hot here in Los Angeles. Summer always seems to start early in the city. It’s days like these that remind me of why I’m so glad to have a/c where I live.

Hello Summer!

It’s only April, but it feels like a middle of summer already in Downtown LA. With tall buildings trapping the heat in the city, there’s no mercy in the afternoons. To escape the heat, I stopped by one of my spots, Grand Central Market for lunch. There are so many cool things going on at Grand Central Market that all you need to do is find an empty table and watch. There are a bunch of great food vendors of all kinds including a craft beer vendor and Chinese food spot (my two of my favorites for lunch). There is also a farmer’s market where you can get all kinds of locally-grown produce and vending machines that serve all kinds of drinks you’ve never heard of before. While summer is my least-favorite season thanks to…

Like A Rolling Stone

I can’t believe how hot it’s been here for February! It’s seriously been in the 80s here and we haven’t even hit spring yet. As much as I hate living in the suburbs instead of the middle of the city, I’m glad my new place has a/c because it’s been on for most of the day. I talked about this Rolling Stone cropped tee from Pretty Attitude Shop in my last haul video, but this is definitely the perfect weather for it. I still refuse to put my leather jacket away until spring officially starts, but let’s be honest, I’ll still probably wear my leather jacket well into spring.

Morning Thoughts

Insomnia sucks. My lease ended at my last place so I moved at the beginning of this month. While this place in nice, it was kind of a last-minute move and I’m not really happy about the location. It’s a lot farther from my friends, boyfriend, and the general Downtown LA area than I’d like. I’m basically stuck in the suburbs. I grew up in the track home-infested suburban hell that is southern Orange County and coming back to a suburban area has reminded me of how much I don’t like not being in the city. As much as a last-minute move and insomnia sucks, being up all night until the morning has given me a chance to watch the sunrise. And as much as I’d rather sleep in and return to my normal…

Rock And Roll Saved My Soul

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had fun and was safe on New Year’s Eve. My night ended up being pretty mellow. Originally, I was planning on going out with Vincent, but we ended up just binge-watching Making A Murderer on Netflix and ordering ramen. Still, it was great to spend New Year’s Eve with someone for a change.

Life Sucks, And Then You Buy

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate Dolls Kill’s packaging. I ordered a nose ring from them and it came in this huge box. I liked the text on the front of it though. I feel like Dolls Kill has the same sens of dry, dark humor as I do.

Christmas Day In Black

I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am that the holidays are over. Everything always seems to go wrong during the holidays. Family members don’t show up or bring uninvited guests, I get stuck in traffic driving to Orange County from LA, there’s issues with the cars, I forget to bring stuff, whatever. Christmas day wasn’t as hectic as Christmas eve at least. We were able to get up at a decent hour and actually have time to take a few pictures and get some coffee. Once again, I apologize for the quality of photos on my last post, but they were taken pretty late at night. Vincent was a good sport as always being my impromptu photographer two days in a row. Now I just have to try and…