Welcome To The Jungle

I used to wear band tees like they were a school uniform growing up. Being a weird punk kid meant constantly representing my favorite punk bands, just in case my spikey hair and combat boots didn't give you enough of a hint that I was really into punk rock (like, real punk rock...from the 70s and 80s).

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Tangled Up In Plaid

Being able to layers clothes is one of the great things about fall. Adding layers to an outfit adds extra dimension to it, especially is the layers have interesting textures or patterns.

I’m A Creep

I'll be the first to admit that I totally turn into a pumpkin-spice-latte-basic-bitch during the fall. However, my basic bitch-ness stops there.

Take From Me My Lace

Millicent Lace Mock-Neck Tank Top Twig High-Rise Vegan Leather Pants Strut And Bolt Leather Heels I can’t lie. I think plunging necklines are the sexiest things ever. Hence why a majority of my tattoos are visible with a plunging neckline (with the ironic exception of this shirt, which has lace covering them). I’ve been into combining harder, edgier pieces such as leathers and metals with softer pieces such as laces and silks. I think the contrast of hard and soft looks nice and keeps me from looking too hard – like I just walked out of a Hot Topic, or too soft – like a pale fairy princess.

But The Leopard In You Silently Preyed On Me

Original Wayfarer Classic Oversized Denim Jacket Plunge Neck Strappy Cami Top (Similar) Mast Ankle Zip Jeans (Similar) Leopard Heart Mondo Creeper (Similar) I really think that a denim jacket is the best transition piece for the fall. It’s light enough that you’re not going to sweat while you’re wearing it in the sun, but it’s still heavy enough to keep you warm on cool autumn nights. Cuffing the sleeves (like I do) or adding fun patches or pins is a great way to customize your look too. Personally, I prefer slightly oversized denim jackets to fitted or cropped ones. The look is more casual and relaxed when the jacket is slightly oversized, and I feel like most people look like cowboys when they wear a fitted one.

Walk Him Down Past The White Oak Doors

Original Wayfarer Classic Chiffon Tank Top Biker Pants (Similar) Adair Bootie (Similar) Just when I started getting excited for fall, summer round 2 hit. Even though we haven’t been getting the predicted rain from El Nino, we’ve definitely been getting the humidity. After enjoying a couple weeks of cooler weather, it heated up all of the sudden and felt like July again. Unless you’re right along the coast, LA is hot and sticky right now with no signs of letting up. Even the evenings are no relief at this point. Me, being the genius I am, decided to run around Melrose Ave. in Hollywood, nowhere near the ocean.

Lick, Lick, Lick

Kitti Sunglasses Chiffon Kimono (Similar) Project Social T Cameron V-Neck Tank Top Holly Slinky Cross Front Strap Bralette Moto Jeans (Similar) Hawthorne Boots I’ve definitely been enjoying the cool mornings and nights of an approaching autumn, but the daytime is still pretty warm. A lot of stores haven’t even broken out their fall shipments in yet. It seems like southern California overall is a bit resistant to fall and winter. After wandering around Downtown for a while, I stopped by Union Square for a bite. It’s a must-visit if you’re in the Downtown area. It’s has all kind of food and drink spots and even a farmer’s market. I went with some ice cream, since it’s never really a bad time for ice cream, no matter the weather.

We Watched The Sunset At San Clemente

Original Wayfarer Classic Pebbled Vegan Leather Jacket Double Strap V Neck Cami Grace Jeans (Similar) Jaques Leather Booties I took a quick trip to San Clemente tis weekend. Growing up in Orange County, San Clemente is one of the few beach towns there that I actually like. Unlike places like Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, San Clemente isn’t full of rich yuppies driving around in their Mercedes. It still has the feel of a small, sleepy beach town where the locals call the tourists “kooks” and everyone knows everyone else. It’s actually a pretty nice place to get away from the business of Los Angeles for the weekend.

The Kills @ The Fox Theater

Original Wayfarer Classic Bourne Leather Biker Jacket (Similar) Sleeveless Turtleneck Top Catness A-Line Mini Skirt 40 Denier Tights Roe (Similar) I went and saw The Kills last Friday at the Fox Theater in Pomona. I had meant to see them earlier this summer, but I missed the date and couldn’t go so I was stoked when I found out they would be playing in Pomona. I’ve always loved rock bands with women fronting them and have longed for the days of Joan Jett, Patti Smith, and Debbie Harry. Sure, growing up there were female “rockers” for me to idolize, but they always eventually exchanged their boots for glitter-y heels and turned to pop. Recently, I’ve seen a resurgence of real female-fronted rock bands that I didn’t have as a kid. I think that dressing up…