Holiday Traveling With Oribagu

Christmas time means traveling time to a lot of people, including myself. While my family still lives in California, I still have to travel if I want to see them during the holidays.

Under This Scarf That I Wear

With the rainy weather here in LA this past week, I've found myself leaving my purse at home and going for my backpack instead. While purses are basically shipped like a big bucket to collect all the rain, backpacks won't let water in to soak your belongings.

Only Because I’m Green

Branching out from my usual black-on-black wardrobe has been a slow process for me. I've found that even if I'm not in all black, my color palette still tends to be very dark.

Check Her Resume

To be honest, dressing for work kind of sucks if you work somewhere conservative. Being trapped in suits and skirts all day is kind of a nightmare for the fashionably-inclined.

My Name Is Never Was

While I may have not come into existence until 1994, I still remember the 90s and thanks to my parents' hard time moving on to the next decade, the 90s were very much and alive and well in my house growing up all the way into the mid 2000s.

Everything Turns Grey

There has been grey skies and rain showers over LA the past two weeks. It took until the last two weeks of November, but the fall weather seems to be here to stay.

Pink On The Lips Of Your Lover

I'll be the first to admit that pink is not really my color. In fact, I don't think I've owned anything pink since I was about 10...until now.

The Metal Will Live On

In the wake of a disappointing election, riots, and country in unrest, I decided to go to one of Downtown's districts: Little Tokyo. Thanks to an anti-Trump rally, the streets were fairly crowded which forced me to stop at the top of a parking structure.

Just A Little Green

Beanies are pretty much the greatest fall accessory there is. They look cute, keep you warm, and let you get away with not doing your hair that day.