Rock And Roll Saved My Soul

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had fun and was safe on New Year’s Eve. My night ended up being pretty mellow. Originally, I was planning on going out with Vincent, but we ended up just binge-watching Making A Murderer on Netflix and ordering ramen. Still, it was great to spend New Year’s Eve with someone for a change.


Trina's Lookbook 12.16.15-15


Last month, my friend, Christian Benner, flew out to LA to escape the New York City winter weather. Last time he came out, he and I ended up doing a shoot for some of his leather jackets. We did a little bit of shooting as well this time, but mostly just caught up. He also gave me one of his rad tees that were going to be part of his ready-to-wear collection.


Trina's Lookbook 12.16.15-14


Leather Jacket: Zara

Rock And Roll Saved My Soul Tee: Christian Benner Customs

Ripped Skinny Jeans: Zara

Western Boots: Zara


Location: Echo Park, CA

Photographer: James Tiffany

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