Like A Rolling Stone

I can’t believe how hot it’s been here for February! It’s seriously been in the 80s here and we haven’t even hit spring yet. As much as I hate living in the suburbs instead of the middle of the city, I’m glad my new place has a/c because it’s been on for most of the day.
I talked about this Rolling Stone cropped tee from Pretty Attitude Shop in my last haul video, but this is definitely the perfect weather for it. I still refuse to put my leather jacket away until spring officially starts, but let’s be honest, I’ll still probably wear my leather jacket well into spring.

Trina's Lookbook 12.16.15-10


I’ve really started to notice how many band shirts I have. Some I still wear, but many I’ve either retired to the back of my closet or to the collection of tees that I sleep in. I’ve been thinking about doing a blog post of video about all of my band tees. It’s crazy how many I’ve given away already. I used to wear a band tee literally every day when I was in high school. I was known to take my friends’ over-sized band tees and turn them into smaller shirts for myself, so I hadn’t gone out and actually bought one until after I graduated.


Trina's Lookbook 12.16.15-12


Leather Jacket: Zara

Rolling Stones Raglan Tee: Pretty Attitude Shop

High Elasticity Jeggings: Zara

Missed Connection Ankle Boot: Nasty Gal


Location: Echo Park, CA

Photographer: James Tiffany



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