Tattoo Sleeve Part II

I’ve finally taken the leap into getting a full sleeve (sorry, Mom). While I love tattoos, I’ve always been a little hesitant when it came to having tattoos in places that were regularly visible. I grew up being taught that you can’t get a good job if you have tattoos that people can see. While this may have been very true in the past, tattoos are becoming more and more socially acceptable.

Things change with every generation, and as the older and more conservative generations begin to retire or pass their companies down to younger successors, a lot of the old notions about who to hire disappear as well. Many businesses have moved on from a strict 9 – 5 schedule and business suits in favor of more traffic and family-friendly hours and a more “business casual” look. It only makes sense that hangups like having tattoos would start to disappear too.

I have always wanted a full sleeve, but was too afraid to have any visible tattoos until very recently because of how I was raised. As I’ve grown up, I’ve also outgrown the fear and have decided not to let fear control something as major as my appearance. I don’t work in an industry that’s extremely conservative; in fact, it’s probably more important to stay current and in the “now” than anything else. My employers have always cared more about my performance than what I look like. And maybe I could be totally wrong. Maybe the rest of the world outside of what I’ve experienced is really conservative, but I’m not going to let anything control me or prevent my from being 100% the person that I want to be. Any place that’s not willing to hire me based on some ink under my skin is probably not a place I want to be working at anyways.

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