Orange Desert Woman


Since tourist season is pretty much over by the end of August, my boyfriend and I decided to go on vacation to Arizona again. While Arizona was super hot, it was also beautiful and a great place to get away from everything. While we didn’t take the motorcycle with us this time, we checked out all the cool local spots, stop by a couple tourist attractions, and hung out with some friends.

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To protect my eyes and face from the desert sun, I wore my Felted Wool hat from The Kooples and clubmaster-style sunglasses.  I’ve really been feeling the burnt orange color of this camisole, so I tuckedthe front of it into my Bandit shorts from One Teaspoon. Per usual, I wore a bunch of big, chunky rings, mostly from Hutch Melbourne. Since it was a little too hot for regular boots, but I didn’t want to walk around in flat sandals, I opted for by Cors lace-up booties from Jeffery Campbell.

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Photographer: Nathan Jelenich

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