Arizona Trip Packing List

I’m finally going on my first vacation in five years! While it’s not a trip to a far away country, a weekend trip still counts as a vacation to me. 

Nathan and I have both been so crazy busy lately that we decided that we both needed a little weekend get away to relax and refresh. Recently, Nathan’s friend moved from California to Arizona and I have family that lives out there, so we decided to stay in Phoenix, Arizona to hang out and have fun in the desert. Even though it’s just a weekend trip, I still need to think about what I pack. While April in California is usually pretty mild, it’s already reaching 100 degrees in the afternoons in Phoenix. Also, coastal California is much more humid than the desert of Arizona, so I have to pack accordingly.

Taking care of my skin and hair while I’m gone is super important. Arizona is very dry and arid, so my already dry hair and difficult skin will need special attention. I’ve recently started using the Ouai Hair Oil to keep my bleached hair hydrated and healthy, and I’ve noticed a huge difference. The oil is super light, coming out of the bottle as more of a water-like consistency than oil, so I can use it every day without my hair getting greasy. 

Since the sun is so intense in Arizona, I got the La Roche-Posay SPF 60 sunscreen to put under my makeup. Wearing sunscreen is so so so important because not only does it prevent you from getting sunburns, sun spots, and fine lines, but it also protects you from getting skin cancer. While I have plenty of SPF 100 I’ll also be taking with me on my trip, I bought the La Roche-Posay specifically for my face. The formula is oil-free, dry to the touch, and water (sweat) resistant so it won’t make me break out or my makeup smear everywhere when I use it on my face. I also am going to be using my Ulta Matte Prime facial primer to make sure to keep everything in place even when I sweat. The primer is also oil and paraben free so I won’t break out when I come back to California.

Instead of my usual perfumes, I’m bringing my flower-infused perfume oil I found at Urban Outfitters. Since it’s going to be so dry in the desert, alcohol-based perfumes will just end up leaving me with dry and itchy skin. Perfume oils are great because not only do they work to moisturize your skin, but they actually last longer and still stick around when you sweat.

Eye and facial protection is also important in the desert. Seeing that I always change my mind about what pair of sunglasses I want to wear, I brought a different pair for every day. Ray Ban is a classic sunglasses brand that you can always trust for classic looks and high quality. Since I’m also near sighted and don’t like contacts, I also have prescription lenses in my Ray Bans. I brought along my Quay sunglasses for an extra bit of edge for my outfits. 

I’m a huge fan of black hats, so I had to splurge on this studded hat from The Kooples. I got tired of my cheap department store hats becoming flat and floppy after a few wears, so I decided it was time to invest in a good hat. The studs on this hat are silver and gold, making it a more versatile hat with some cute details.

While it reaches 100 degrees in the afternoons, it still cools off at night. I always bring a pair of jeans no matter where I’m traveling to just in case. Paired with this maroon top from Madewell and a leather western belt, these pieces work for day and evening so we can explore downtown Phoenix during the day and go out to dinner at night.

Lighter color and less clothing are ideal in hot climates, but I tend to shy away from both elements, so I tried to find a way to make them work without feeling like I wasn’t myself. I paired my lace-up high-waisted shorts with a plain white camisole and my studded hat for a little extra edge while still staying cool.

While I’m sure I’m going to love how many times people are going to tell me that they’re surprised I’m wearing all black in the desert, black is my favorite color and I’m determined to find a way to make it work. I paired a black crop top with a black maxi skirt. To give the outfit a little extra something, I’ve added my favorite necklace from Sticks + Stones as well as a genuine calf hair tote bag I found at Urban Outfitters.

I feel pretty well-prepared with my shoe selection for the weekend. I have studded gladiator sandals from BCBGMaxAzria for when I really want to keep cool, lace-up heeled sandals from Jeffrey Campbell for when I want some extra height or am going out for the night, and my Matisse boots with acrylic heels for when I’m walking around in the desert sands.

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