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Super Bloom Getaway In The Desert

After LA Fashion Week, I decided it was time to get away from the city and relax for the day. My boyfriend and I decided it'd be a good idea to go to the desert to check out the Super Bloom, so we ended up at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Paradise Road Show

Tall palm trees, rocky desert mountains, beautiful motorcycles, and vintage cars. These were what greeted me when I visited the Paradise Road Show in Palm Springs, CA

Stir Market Brunch

While I've been trying to save money by not eating out as often, I did splurge on a brunch date at one of my favorite sport: Stir Market. Stir Market is located in the heart of West Hollywood on Beverly Blvd, just down the street from The Grove and iconic Melrose Ave.

New Year, New Tattoo

New year, new me! Just kidding. While I'm definitely not a "new year, new me" girl, I did think it was a good idea to start 2017 off right with a new (and very visible) tattoo.

Holiday Traveling With Oribagu

Christmas time means traveling time to a lot of people, including myself. While my family still lives in California, I still have to travel if I want to see them during the holidays.

Mornings With P&Co

I've been following this company called P&Co. for a while. Based in the U.K., their designs are designed by biker lifestyle.

We Watched The Sunset At San Clemente

Original Wayfarer Classic Pebbled Vegan Leather Jacket Double Strap V Neck Cami Grace Jeans (Similar) Jaques Leather Booties I took a quick trip to San Clemente tis weekend. Growing up in Orange County, San Clemente is one of the few beach towns there that I actually like. Unlike places like Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, San Clemente isn’t full of rich yuppies driving around in their Mercedes. It still has the feel of a small, sleepy beach town where the locals call the tourists “kooks” and everyone knows everyone else. It’s actually a pretty nice place to get away from the business of Los Angeles for the weekend.

Record Detour

So I went exploring up outside my usual neighborhood and ended up at this record store called Rhino Records in Claremont. Usually, I end up at Amoeba in Hollywood, but I couldn’t resist this shop. Being that it was not too far from the college, I figured that it wouldn’t have a decent selection. I was right.

Born Free 8

Silverado, California hosted the eighth annual Born Free motorcycle show, and since it was fairly close to me, I decided I had to go. What I really like about Born Free is that it’s a motorcycle rally for the next generation of bikers – people currently around my age – and so it really appeals to me. There were lots of clothing and jewelry vendors that promoted vintage finds, handmade pieces, or custom work. While there were plenty of smaller companies as vendors, even the big companies had their owners working the booths and meeting people.

Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars @ Sunnyside Cemetery

Watching movies in a cemetery is definitely my new favorite thing to do during the summer. If you’re in LA, you’ve no doubt heard of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. What was once just a resting place for the Hollywood elite is now a concert venue and summertime gathering spot. While the spot is cool and the movie selection is pretty great, the biggest problem I’ve always had with movies at Hollywood Forever is how crowded it always is. The cemetery opens to the public for event at 1 pm and it’s obvious people camp out there all day. They come with a whole blanket/pillow/beach chair set up and there is yoga going on in the front row. As much as I dig on Hollywood Forever, it’s not somewhere I want to just hang out at for…