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Tiger Queen

I loved tiger print way before I binge-watched Tiger King. I've got a tiger print outdoor rug on my balcony, tiger print pillows on my couch, and multiple pieces of tiger print clothing. Some people think tiger print is tacky, but it's tacky in all of the right ways.


It's already day 15 of quarantine for me, and I'm slowly starting to lose my mind. One thing that helps me stay sane is to dress up how I normally would. It helps to make things seem as normal as possible, even though things are definitely not normal right now.

Emerald Nights

I'm kicking off March with some green. This is definitely the last week where I'll be able to wear velvet without melting, so I wanted to break out this gorgeous emerald coat one more time.

Obsessed With Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are a go-to for pretty much any outfit. Whether you’re into vintage band tees, designer logo tees, or tees with a quirky design, there’s a graphic tee for everyone out there. I’m personally a fan of band tees and graphics that are inspired by band tees. I love all of Hallow Collective’s designs. If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you’ve definitely seen me rocking a lot of their tees. Not only to they have good band-inspired designs, they also have actual vintage band tees. You’ll definitely see where their design inspiration comes from after check those out. You can check out Hallow Collective’s rad tees here.

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! Or "Singles Appreciation Day" if you don't have a Valentine. To be totally honest, Valentine's Day is kind of over-hyped anyways.

Velvet Leopard

electric bones

Motorcycle season is here and I'm so stoked. Okay, so maybe I don't have my own chopper, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy being on one. Sometimes, being the passenger on the back is even better.

Welcome To The Jungle

electric bones band tee

Just because I've grown up doesn't mean I've grown out of wearing band tees. It just means that I wear them with more than just skinny jeans and Vans now.

Obsessed With Sweaters

electric bones sweaters

Everyone talks about how hot the desert is in the summer, but no one ever talks about how cold it gets in the winter. Sweater weather is upon us and I'm seriously loving it.

Holiday Bronze

electric bones

The holidays are my time to shine and this year I decided to go bronze. Metallics give an edge to any look, and I even played with metallics in my makeup.

Obsessed With Velvet

emerald velvet coat

This is honestly the best time of year to break out the velvet. With the holiday parties and New Years coming up, there are tons of excuses to update your velvet wardrobe.