Stir Market Brunch

While I've been trying to save money by not eating out as often, I did splurge on a brunch date at one of my favorite sport: Stir Market.

Stir Market is located in the heart of West Hollywood on Beverly Blvd, just down the street from The Grove and iconic Melrose Ave. The restaurant is clean and modern while still being inviting with things like marble table tops, fresh cut flowers, quirky lightning, and a vine-covered lattice for outdoor diners.  It also is one of the few places on the street with a free parking lot. Besides the restaurant, Stir Market also has what they call a "gourmet marketplace" that features fresh juices, trendy snacks, unique cheeses, healthy alternatives to usual grocery store favorites, and tons of other stuff.

When I first moved to LA, I was at this place about every other day. They serve their weekend brunch menu until 3pm which is perfect for those of us who like to sleep late, and their lunch/dinner menu is great too. I had a dark chocolate iced mocha and harissa eggs and potatoes. The eggs and potatoes are my favorite since they're filling without being too heavy. Nathan got a regular drip coffee and the farm egg sandwich BLT, which he said he loved. We also split the avocado toast, which what I became so addicted to there in the first place. It was my first time bringing him to my favorite brunch spot so he was super excited to try everything.

If you're in West Hollywood and looking for a fresh, delicious place to eat that's modern and very "LA" without being pretentious, I definitely recommend Stir Market.

Photography: myself