You Bring The Biker Out In Me


Wool Hat

Original Wayfarer Classic

Vetten Tee (Similar)

Biker Patched Pocket Jeans (Similar)

Quiggy 2 Black Bootie


My end-of-season sale pillaging has finally come to an end. While I've never been the biggest fan of spring/summer clothing, I'll still definitely go after the end-of-season sales. If nothing else, spring/summer is great for buying basics and fun jewelry that may have otherwise been outside of your budget. I think most people who are into fashion can agree the fall/winter season has a much better selection, no matter what you're style is. There are so many more options when it finally gets cold enough to layer clothing. Still, every layered outfit needs to start off with a great bottom layer, and what better bottom layer than a really nice basic tee that you got on sale?



I've been really into the biker/moto vibe for a while now. I guess you could say that motorcycles are in my blood. As a teen, I used to go out to my uncle's place in Arizona where he would build custom Harley-Davidson's out of the shop in his backyard for fun. He is definitely a rough-around-the-edges biker guy and he would take me around the desert for hours on the back of one of his bikes. After college, I ended up working at a Harley-Davidson dealership near my house for a while.

Since motorcycles and biker style are in fashion, I've found it way easier to find my favorite motorcycle-inspired pieces. I've always really liked AllSaints for this reason. They have a general rocker-meets-refined look that I absolutely love, and they've really embraced the 70's biker look as well. I snagged my Moto Jeans during the end-of-season sale, but they have a couple other great options this season like the Biker Patched Pocket Jeans and the Biker Cropped Jeans.



Location: Venice, CA

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich