(Vegan) Leather Weather


The Leather Doll is wearing vegan leather. Why?!

Black Hat

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Grey Halter Tank

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Vegan Leather Pants

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Fall in California is a weird time. It goes from hot to cool to hot again over the span of a couple weeks. Unless you live right on the coast, it doesn't actually stay consistently cool until after Halloween. The first couple weeks of fall always have me in this weird place of wanting to wear fall/winter clothing and not wanting to sweat my ass off all the time. This is where I bring my tricks, like vegan leather, in to make my outfits feel a little more "fall".

I actually think that vegan leather (especially for pants) is a great item for fall. It's a way to get that leather look without it being as hot or heavy as actual leather. These pants from Urban Outfitters fit me perfectly. A hat is also a nice way to make your outfit look more like fall when it's still 95 degrees out. Lack of Color is an Australia-based brand that makes luxury hats in your favorite styles. They last a lot longer than cheaper department store hats so they're definitely worth the splurge.  Lastly, I like adding dark lipstick to my makeup look to make everything a bit more dark and gloomy, like how the weather is actually supposed to be.

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich