Under This Scarf That I Wear


With the rainy weather here in LA this past week, I've found myself leaving my purse at home and going for my backpack instead. While purses are basically shipped like a big bucket to collect all the rain, backpacks won't let water in to soak your belongings. Backpacks also free my hands up for umbrellas or sticking my hands in my pockets to keep them warm.

While the rest of the country laughs at California "winters", us southern California-natives aren't really used to any weather other than sunshine. Lucky for me, I love cold, rainy weather, so I have no problem bundling up and wearing lots of layers to stay warm and dry.


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Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3


Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3


Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3


Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3


Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3

Backpacks are the perfect utilitarian item, keeping everything you need inside and secure, while also keeping your hands free. Thanks to the increase in popularity of backpacks over the last few years, you no longer have to pick between the standard Jansport backpack or the dreaded rolling ones. There are now tons of cute options for backpacks that actually hold things.

I picked this backpack because of its minimalist metal details and black leather material. It's the perfect size for what I need: big enough to hold my wallet, phone, and makeup touch-up bag while still small enough to keep me from looking like a middle school student weighed down with a million books in my backpack.

An infinity scarf is also a great investment for fall and winter. Besides keeping me warm when the cold winter wind picks up, a cute infinity scarf is my way of looking put-together, even if I only had 10 minutes to get ready.

When I'm in a hurry, I can throw on any clean outfit, a jacket, avoid having to do my hair by putting it in a bun on the top of my head, and wearing an infinity scarf. While I was just putting my hair up to save time and I didn't really think about my outfit, the scarf makes me look like the whole things was on purpose.

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich