The Metal Will Live On


In the wake of a disappointing election, riots, and country in unrest, I decided to go to one of Downtown's districts: Little Tokyo. Thanks to an anti-Trump rally, the streets were fairly crowded which forced me to stop at the top of a parking structure. I'm glad I did as the view of Downtown was great.


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Moto Jacket

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Black Camisole

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Blue Jeans

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Western Boots

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This outfit makes me feel like I'm channelling by 80's glam rock days with the metallic moto jacket, decked-out western boots, and platinum hair. With the view of Downtown in the background, I felt like I should have been shooting a music video instead of a fashion blog.

Before I moved to Los Angeles, Little Tokyo was the first place in LA that I had ever visited. I'd always loved big cities, but New York seemed a little farfetched when you're a high school student in southern California, so I had set my sights on Los Angeles. I had a extra credit assignment that I had to visit the Japanese American National Museum for and it was the perfect excuse for me to sneak away to the busy streets and tall buildings of Downtown LA.

Weirdly enough, after moving to LA, I hadn't re-visited Little Tokyo until now.

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich