Tangled Up In Plaid


Being able to layers clothes is one of the great things about fall. Adding layers to an outfit adds extra dimension to it, especially is the layers have interesting textures or patterns. They're also really great for breaking up a monochrome outfit (unless you're going for that look).  It's no secret that my favorite color to wear is black. It's really the most diverse color. It can me polished and professional, dark and edgy, minimalist and sophisticated, or sexy and mysterious. However, I still like to mix up an all-black outfit. By adding a layer with some color, it breaks up all the black without making me feel like I'm wearing bright clothing.

Suede Moto Jacket

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Black Muscle Tee

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Grey Jeans

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I think that flannels are the all-around best item for fall. They're light enough to keep you from sweating when it's still hit in the sunshine, but still heavy enough to keep you warm from an autumn breeze. They make perfect layering pieces without being too bulky and are perfect to tie around your waist if you're going for a more grungy look (which I usually am). Flannels are pretty easy to find in everyone's price point by now. From Saint Laurent Paris to WalMart, not finding a flannel is pretty impossible.

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich