Take From Me My Lace


Millicent Lace Mock-Neck Tank Top

Twig High-Rise Vegan Leather Pants

Strut And Bolt Leather Heels


I can't lie. I think plunging necklines are the sexiest things ever. Hence why a majority of my tattoos are visible with a plunging neckline (with the ironic exception of this shirt, which has lace covering them). I've been into combining harder, edgier pieces such as leathers and metals with softer pieces such as laces and silks. I think the contrast of hard and soft looks nice and keeps me from looking too hard - like I just walked out of a Hot Topic, or too soft - like a pale fairy princess.


Most of my outfit from today is from Urban Outfitters. I think that they've started to branch out from just the super hipster ugly sweaters and ironic t-shirts. Don't get me wrong, they definitely still have a lot of that stuff, but I've bought quite a few things now from Urban Outfitters. Even my kick-ass leopard skirt was from there. Since the edgy rocker look is currently in, finding clothes that are my style as mainstream stores is pretty easy. It does make me wonder what will happen when when it's not as "in" as it is now. I am definitely able to adapt to trends, but my overall style is my style. I wonder if my current favorite stores will be able to keep making cool edgy clothing that fits in with whatever the trend is, or if all my clothing sources will dry up.


PS: I totally feel like Beyonce with a fan always blowing my hair in this picture. It was just the wind. But still.

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich