Punk In Plaid

Mixing prints always brings up a myriad of opinions. Some people think it's too crazy, some people only think certain prints can go together. To me, what says punk rock more than wearing two mismatched patters because they are the only pieces of clothing that are clean? To me, mixing prints fits in with messy "bedhead" hair, smudged eyeliner, and a worn out leather jacket. It says "fuck you, I'm just waiting to go to the next afterparty."

What I really love about this outfit is how much is going on. First, you have the top: a plaid button-up with a feminine twist. The ruffles make this top unique from standard flannels and plaid button ups. It's cropped, but still fits loose enough to feel effortless. The jeans are amazing for so many different reasons. First, they have a frayed hem and are distressed at the knee. Second, they're a, acid-washed tie dye print. Third, they're studded (and I love anything studded). Lastly, there's rose embroidery on it which is perfect for the transition to spring.

I know, I know, "florals for spring; groundbreaking", but I do think that the rose embroidery has a punk element to it. The whole reason that the punk DIY style came into existence what the lack of clothing that fit their style. Patches, embroidery, and paint were all a part of that DIY aesthetic. The floral embroidery on these distressed jeans is a nice contrast between edgy and soft, that still rings true to punk DYI style. If you truly want that DYI style, just get a pair of distressed jeans and either embroider them yourself or sew a patch on to them.

Plaid Ruffle Top

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Distressed Jeans

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Buckle Boots

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Photographer: Nathan Jelenich