Pastel Suede


Even in winter, there are plenty of warm sunny days in Los Angeles. Out here, we're able to mix pieces from different season without having to think about it. Even though it's the middle of winter, a light jacket and mini skirt weren't out of the question.

Since I seem to have the most sensitive eyes in the world, I wore my trusty Ray Bans that have prescription lenses so I can actually see. An oversized boyfriend denim jacket over a skimpy black cami were light layers without revealing too much. I almost always wear some sort of jack over a cami because I just feel too exposed without one. I don't know what possessed me to buy a pastel green mini skirt, but I'm very happy I did. The mix between suede and faux leather is a cool way to do "texture blocking" (like color blocking, but with textures instead of colors). I wore my studded ankle boots which have been making a lot of appearances lately since they add a little edge to every outfit and are so comfortable that I could walk in them for days.


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Denim Jacket

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Leather + Suede Skirt

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Studded Boots

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Besides the "texture blocking", I also really liked the skirt because I thought the materials and color made it a multi-seasonal item. Suede has become the new way to get away with leather in the spring and summer. The pastel khaki green color also makes it appropriate for both spring and fall seasons. The skirt is also a high-waisted A-line which is great for showing off your legs and can still be worn with tights on especially on the colder winter days.

And if you thought I was pale, my legs are about two shades lighter than the rest of me.

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich