In Your Hot Black Silk


Original Wayfarer Classic

Satin Floral Bomber

Ines Tee

High Elasticity High-Wasited Jeggings

Ankle Boots

I'm so excited that I've already seen some fall clothing in stores lately. I think most people who are into fashion can agree that fall is definitely the nest season for fashion. There are so many layers you can work with and all kinds of options for amazing jackets and coats. There's a reason why the fall issue of Vogue is an inch thick, right?



I used to have a purple and gold silk bomber when I was little, and I definitely had a nostalgia moment when I saw this bomber in Brandy Melville. I've been a lot more open to shopping there lately since they seem to have branched out a lot since when I first heard of them. Bombers are a great piece for fall, when it starts getting cooler in the evenings, but not cold enough to need a hoodie.



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Question: What's your favorite flower?