Grey And Holy


Summer is already half over, but it's been pretty brutal in Los Angeles. After dealing with random 100 degree heatwaves for weeks at a time, now the humidity has kicked in. Personally, I've never been a big fan of summer. I like wearing jackets, lots of layers, and dark colors. This summer heat is definitely making it difficult to wear what I usually do. What I do like about this weather, though, is the fact that it brings all kinds of people outside. Everyone living in downtown lofts without a/c manage to venture outside, searching for relief in shady restaurants and cold drinks. Wandering around downtown forces you to escape the heat of your apartment and explore your city.




I recently discovered a website called Shoptiques where you can shop from boutiques all over the world from your computer. I really love supporting local businesses and boutiques, but I'm limited in what boutiques I can shop from. I've made some really great fashion discoveries by being able to shop boutiques that aren't in my area.





What I'm Wearing:

Wool Hat

The No Wave Sunglasses

Boy Tank Top

Vintage Skinny Jeans

Strut And Bolt Leather Heels




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