Everything Turns Grey

There has been grey skies and rain showers over LA the past two weeks. It took until the last two weeks of November, but the fall weather seems to be here to stay. After surviving Thanksgiving, I only have to get through Christmas now, which I'm stoked about. In case you didn't know, I'm not really a fan of the holidays. I decided to reflect the grey almost-winter weather with a grey outfit.


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Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3


Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3


Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3

I slightly cropped sweater tucked into high waisted shorts or jeans is a cute way to wear a sweater without looking like you're drowning in it. I cuffed the sleeves as well to show a little bit of wrist, and to prevent me from habitually stretching my sleeves out to cover my hands like I did in middle school. I definitely wish I had a cool wrist or forearm tattoo to peak out from underneath my cuffed sleeve, but I don't think I'll ever tattoo my forearms unless I own my own business or something. I have been considering getting a half-sleeve though on my upper arm.

Anyways, back to the outfit, while I usually opt for jeans all year round, especially in the winter, I decided to mix it up and show of my thigh tattoo by wearing high waisted cuffed shorts. I paired the shorts with over the knee sock to keep my legs warm. Finally, I decided to forgo my usual heeled ankle boots and go with my trusty Dr. Martens boots. They give the outfit just the right amount of edge without overdoing it.

My Dr. Martens boots will probably last longer than I will. Seriously.

I've had these boots in high school (the last remaining evidence of my former punk days) and they still look brand new today. Thanks to the fact that they're super durable, and a great sole, and are water-resistant, they're my first pick whenever it looks like there may be rain. While they weren't as popular when I was in high school, they've come back into fashion and I've been seriously considering buying a couple more pairs now that they make them in special colors and patterns that they didn't have before.

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich