Enter: Maximalism With Members Only

I spent my morning in the Hollywood Hills within view of the Hollywood sign: an iconic view in an iconic area in the most iconic city on the west coast. It only makes sense that I would be wearing a jacket made by one of the iconic brands of the 1980s: Members Only. We've been stuck in the 9os for almost a decade, allowing minimalism to take over our closets. While satin camisoles, black leggings, and white knit sweaters are beautiful and comfortable, they've also become...boring. With New York Fashion Week fresh all over the internet, it's become pretty apparent that the fashion industry agrees with me. Looking at the runways shows the obvious decline of minimalism, and the rise of maximalism.

Leather Jacket

Graphic Tee

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This Leather Glam Rock Studded Moto Jacket from Members Only gave me serious 80s vibes. Make with real leather and lines with hot pink lining, this leather jacket is cool and edgy while still bring feminine. It's perfect for a rocker chick who wants to make a statement without looking like she stole her boyfriend's jacket. I paired the jacket with a graphic tee. The font of the tee reminded me of an 80s hair metal band font. Like the jacket, it makes a strong statement. Super distressed jeans add more edge to an already edgy outfit. Black ankle boots go with any outfit, but keep the outfit from looking like I never moved on the from 80s.

The details of this jacket are part of why I chose it. In the spirit of maximalism, this jacket had flat studs, pointed studs, and rhinestones. For those of you who have an aversion to rhinestones like myself, don't worry. The rhinestones are actually done very tastefully on this jacket. Instead of encrusting it and turning it into a leather disco ball, they're kept to a minimal and thoughtfully placed so they just give a bit of sparkle when the light hits them. I'll also admit that I'm a total sucker for jacket linings. I once bought a $400 leather jacket i definitely didn't need because it had bright red lining. The hot pink lining of this jacket is pretty as well as punk.


You can get your own Members Only jacket here. They have tons of awesome jackets including genuine leather, vegan leather, wool coats, and the classic Members Only jacket that made them an icon in the first place.

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich