Born Free 8


IMG_0046 Silverado, California hosted the eighth annual Born Free motorcycle show, and since it was fairly close to me, I decided I had to go. What I really like about Born Free is that it's a motorcycle rally for the next generation of bikers - people currently around my age - and so it really appeals to me. There were lots of clothing and jewelry vendors that promoted vintage finds, handmade pieces, or custom work. While there were plenty of smaller companies as vendors, even the big companies had their owners working the booths and meeting people.


The motorcycle community, especially my generation, is a very tight-knit community and people tend not to forget where they came from. There are no guys in suits, board meetings, or stockholders. Everyone knows who each other is and it's still really important to everyone to be hands-on with their company.


I recently discovered this company called Loser Machine thanks to some of my biker friends. It's a motorcycle lifestyle brand that's focused on the next generation of riders and included whit and sarcasm into all of their clothing. I grew up with an uncle and aunt that were part of motorcycle culture, but since my aunt was part of the older generation, a lot of her "biker" clothing was stereo-typically covered in motorcycle company logos, rhinestones, and fringe. Seeing that made me shy away from any clothing brand that was involved with motorcycles, until I found Loser Machine.


Original Wayfarer Classic

Playing To Win Tank Top

Biker Jeans

Harley Black


Location: Irvine, CA

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich


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