Black Woods, White Beach


Polarized Original Wayfarer Classic

Short Kimino (Similar)


Faux Leather Legging (Similar)

Ankle Booties (Similar)


Laugh at me all you want. I'm wearing faux leather leggings to the beach. I don't even care.

School has already started for a lot of students so the beaches are already starting to clear up. Not that Venice is ever really not crowded. It's just slightly less crowded with tourists. This is the first year that I haven't had classes. I'm still at the point where I'm getting used to doing something other than going to classes all day Monday through Friday. Even though I was obviously an adult while in college, I'm actually starting to feel like one now that I'm not stuck in classes every day. It's liberating to know that my classes have paid off and I'm able to actually have some free time now.



Speaking of the end of the season, the end-of-season sales have been very good to me this year. I found this tee at Diesel and I love it. It's super soft and is kind of a boxy cut so it's cute even without a layer over it. It's also long enough that I don't feel exposed in leggings. It's a good basic that I can wear in the summer or winter.


Locations: Venice, CA

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich