Break My Bones With Sticks + Stones

Over the holidays, a lot of people opt for cute holiday dresses in rich velvets, sparkling glitter, and dainty patterns. However, I don't roll that way. On Christmas, soft leather replaced velvet, an edgy statement necklace replaced the glitter, and studs replaced dainty patterns. While I did see some cute dresses I would have been willing to wear for the holidays, I got to them too late and they were already sold out in my size. So, since I was lacking the typical holiday dress, I decided to go with my usual no-fail uniform: a leather jacket, some kick-ass boots, and cool accessories.

This leather jacket, my favorite jacket, was acquired when my boyfriend and I rode out to the desert on his Harley-Davidson to escape the 4th of July crowds at the beach. While we were out there, we went to an AllSaints store and I grabbed this jacket. While leather jackets from Saint Laurent have traditionally been my favorite, AllSaints does come in at a pretty close second. For only a fraction of what a Saint Laurent leather jacket costs, AllSaints leather jackets (as well as all AllSaints clothing) still has that edgy rocker feel and super soft, high-quality jackets.


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If you aren't following Sticks + Stones on Instagram and coveting one of the statement necklaces or bold cuff bracelets, you're seriously missing out. Sticks + Stones started in Philadelphia and have since moved to Los Angeles. Each piece is detailed, edgy, and kick-ass. I'm wearing the Ganesha Statement Piece which is by far my favorite. This piece recently got a makeover to make it more affordable, and it's 100% worth the splurge. A statement necklace has become a modern classic and every girl needs one in her wardrobe arsenal. Sticks + Stones has a tons of cool edgy necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more that feature spikes, leather, and metals, making them every rocker-girl's dream. While I was once simply not-so-secretly coveting each piece from Sticks + Stones, after getting my hands on an actual piece, I've become seriously obsessed with this brand.

You know that when the super-frayed hem came into style, I jumped all over this trend. The distressed jean with the overly-frayed hem reminds me of the days when my jeans were too long and I cut the hems as part of my DIY punk rebellion against tailoring and properly-fitting clothing. While I'm not against tailoring or fitted clothes today, the frayed hem trend made me feel right at home with my old punk days.

If you've been digging on this trend but are too afraid to wear it for fear of looking like a high school punk who doesn't know what inseam length is (insert: me), I highly suggest pairing your frayed denim with a pair of luxe-looking boots with a high heel. Pairing my favorite frayed hem jeans with a pair of studded boots from Nasty Gal transformed my look from "my jeans are too long" to "this is totally on purpose". Wearing a higher heel that keeps your jeans far from the ground makes it clear that, no, these jeans are not actually too long for you. And wearing something luxe with something distressed is always a great way to balance your look and keep it from crossing the line from distressed to ragged.

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich