How To Wear Black In The Summer Without Melting

Summers can be tough for those of us who love black, but it is actually possible to stick to your style in the warmer months with some clever dressing. Without giving up your all-black edge, you can still stay cool this summer with some simple outfit tricks. I also made sure to include some suggestions for pieces that would make a great all-black summer outfit.


Accessories are very important for an all-black summer outfit because they keep the outfit from looking too one-note and basic. Sunglasses are obviously a must-have for the summer and a hat is essential for looking cool while protecting your face from the sun. Jewelry is also an important part of a summer outfit. I personally tend to gravitate towards romantic and bohemian pieces with an edge in black, gold, or silver.

Crop Tops

One way to work a black top into your summer look without getting too hot is to wear a crop top. When looking for a crop top, opt for something that has an interesting silhouette or texture so it doesn't look boring. Also, make sure that the crop top is long enough for your torso to avoid looking like you're wearing a sports bra instead of a cute top.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts in the summer is a no-brainer. For a more polished look, wear a pair that are cuffed at the bottom. For something more grunge and edgy, opt for cut-offs. I personally love wearing high-waisted shorts in the summer so my stomach does't feel too exposed in my crop top.


Lastly, sandals are definitely needed for the summer months. My favorites are gladiator sandals because they are cool enough for hot weather, but stay on your feet better than flip flops or mules so you can also walk around all day in them too. Add a little more edge to your summer outfit by wearing a pair of gladiator sandals with studs on them.

Photography: Nathan Jelenich