Fem Punk

While I used to stay away from anything remotely feminine, I've been embracing the contrast of feminine with a punk edge. I'm not a huge fan of bows and ruffles and pearls, but I do love the detail that goes into more feminine pieces. Since wearing all super detailed feminine pieces isn't really my style, I tried to find a way to mix it up and give the look some more edge. As usual, I looked back to my punk roots.


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Plaid Top

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Western Boots

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Bucket Bag

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When putting together an outfit that's mixes styles (feminine and punk in this case) it's important to find a balance and use some style-neutral pieces as well to make everything look like it's supposed to go together. I started off with my metal-tipped sunglasses from Quay for some cool edge. I paired my feminine cropped plaid shirt with a black high-waisted mini skirt. I really loved this top because I find it to be both feminine, with the button-up front and ruffles, as well as more punk, with the plaid pattern. In this case, the mini skirt worked as my neutral piece both because of this style (basic) and its color. My leather bucket bag from Gypsy Warrior also worked as a neutral pieces in this case because leather is a great material that can go with any style. My western boots from Jeffrey Campbell work as my super edgy pieces, complete with metal tips, studs, and chains. Along with the feminine shirt and neutral pieces, the boots don't overwhelm anything and they all work together well.

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich