All That Glitters...

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For a lot of my life, I thought that yellow gold was matronly. Yellow gold was the color of my grandmothers' wedding rings as well as all of their costume jewelry. Even when yellow gold first made its reappearance at stores I shopped at, I wasn't a fan. Oddly enough, I wasn't until this year's western, baroque, Victorian, and bohemian trends emerged that I dared purchase something yellow gold.

My Florence Leather Charm Rosary from Free People was the first piece of jewelry that I ever remember purchasing in yellow gold. Yes, the yellow gold color still made the jewelry look old in my eyes, but in this case, it worked. The color wasn't because the jewelry is dowdy, it's because it's supposed to look antique. It's supposed to be romantic and reminiscent of grand Catholic cathedrals and velvet robes.

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Cross Necklace

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Black + Gold Ring

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Western Belt

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Lace Up Booties

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Since this was the outfit I was going out for my birthday in, I decided to fully commit to the excess of the rosary necklace and have a lot of details and accessories. My Driven To Teardrops Romper from Nasty Gal made me feel sexy without feeling overexposed with it's plunging neckline and long sleeves. The plunging neckline gave my the perfect opportunity to wear my new Florence Leather Charm Rosary from Free People as well as show off my tiny sternum tattoo. I also wore a black and gold ring. When I wear rompers, I always wear a belt to avoid looking like I'm wearing a baby's onesie, so I cinched in my waist with a gold-toned Western belt. Lastly, I wore my Cors Lace Up Booties from Jeffrey Campbell to give myself some sexy long legs.

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Photographer: Nathan Jelenich