Leopard In The Jungle


After all the rain, it has really started heating up in LA! I thought this warmer weather would be the perfect excuse to try an outfit that I wouldn't have worn in the colder weather.


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This romper was my last purchase from the original Nasty Gal store. My once-favorite shopping destination went bankrupt earlier this year and was bought by Boohoo, a Forever 21-esque fast fashion site. I always loved that the original Nasty Gal had the perfect mixture of fast fashion and quality pieces. They had pieces from all kinds of indecent and well-known brands, and well as their own brand, that were all super on-trend. Every piece I had ever purchased from them was of a nice quality and fit right in my budget. When I did my massive closet clean-out, I kept all of my Nasty Gal pieces. 

Now that Boohoo has taken over, I can definitely tell the difference between the original Nasty Gal and the new one. While still trying to stick to the super trendy LA girl aesthetic of the original store, which is what earned its cult following in the first place, their pieces are now much cheaper, both in price and in quality.

Finding cute spring and summer pieces are difficult for me because most outfits force me to reveal my stomach and thighs while also not allowing me to wear any kind of jacket, all of which I hate. My thighs and stomach are my least favorite areas of my body so any time I can cover them, I'm happy. However, motivated by 70% off everything from the original Nasty Gal, I decided to try this romper. 

While I once hated the idea of a romper, believing them to look to juvenile on a someone who's constantly being asked when she's graduating high school (I have a college degree, ugh), I loved this romper the second I put it on. It's so comfortable and effortless while still looking cute and sophisticated. The fabric and sternum cutout make this romper appropriate for both day and night.

In the day, I wore this romper with a pair of heeled sandals, but as I got ready for a night at the Mayan, I traded the sandals for a pair of proper heels and a leopard coat.

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich