Grey Days With Members Only

Despite the sudden heatwave, there are grey skies over Los Angeles today. Personally, I love gloomy weather. Everything is quiet and sleepy under the grey blanket of clouds, you can break out your cozy coats, and rainfall is threatening. While rain is my favorite, I still think there's something to be said about how awesome gloomy days are. 

I decided that my outfit should match the weather so I opted for my peacoat gifted to me by Members Only. The coat is cozy and stylish, and even fully-lined. It has just the smallest amount of shoulder padding to give you a stronger shoulder look, an obvious nod to their 80's fame. While Members Only was the label in the 80s, they're making a strong comeback and can even be found in stores like Urban Outfitters. They've also moved beyond just their classic bombers and windbreakers and now offer wool coats, leather jackets, and vegan leather options. 

This coat has both a working zipper closure and button closures, so you can choose between style and warmth. While it's not too cold in Los Angeles, I do think the zipper is easier than doing and undoing buttons, so I've opted for the zipped look with the popped collar for a bit of an 80's flair. It also has an optional faux shearling collar so you can wear the faux shearling in the winter, and wear the coat without it in the spring.


If you ever get the chance to just walk around the neighborhoods in the Hollywood Hills, I highly recommend it. It makes me think of movie executives and rockstars tucked away in their mansions in the quiet hills, looking down on the rest of Hollywood and Los Angeles. Their own escape, far above the rest of us, where they lounge around their beautiful homes with their expensive cars and custom pools. It's kind of romantic, I think.

Photographer: Nathan Jelenich