Known for my white hair, pale skin, and love of leather jackets, I received the nickname “Leather Doll” shortly after high school.

Growing up, my love of fashion and music always intertwined. I’ve always been especially captivated by the punk rock aesthetic. In high school, I was hand-studding leather jackets and sewing patches on to t-shirts while also watching Project Runway and The Rachel Zoe Project.

In college, I earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising. It was during this time that I found my love and appreciation for high-end fashion. However, I, like many others, always believed that owning a closet full of high-end fashion was reserved for celebrities. While this blog started as an extra credit assignment for one of my fashion classes, it has since turned into my way of expressing myself and my style online. I have dedicated my time to building to closet of my dreams and showing you how you can do the same, no matter your budget.