Who The F*ck Is Leather Doll?!


Known for my white hair, pale skin, and love of leather jackets, I received the nickname "Leather Doll" shortly after high school. 

In college, I began a love-hate relationship with the fashion industry as I pursued a degree in Fashion Merchandising. As a young, broke college student, I felt compelled to shop fast fashion, giving in to poor quality and constantly changing out my closet to accommodate ever-changing trends. While I understood the value of high-quality clothing and wanted "forever" pieces of my own, society told me that I was too poor, too young, and was too much of a tattooed ex-punk kid to have any. I was doomed to either enter the cycle of perpetually replacing fast fashion pieces, or the cycle of becoming a slave to a label.

Now that I've graduated college, I've decided to give the finger to society by showing that even some non-celebrity punk rocker at heart could own - and rock - high quality fashion that suits my style and doesn't break the bank. While I still pepper my closet with fast fashion novelty pieces and cool indie brands, I aim to have a high-quality wardrobe that is an accurate representation of myself.

I hope that my blogging inspires others to invest in their closets and themselves, breaking the cycle of constantly buying fast fashion, while also being realistic about their budget.